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Net Zero Food Systems: Fact or fiction? Examining corporate, municipal, and national pledges | November 9 

IMG_8523 (1).HEIC

To face the climate crisis, many have responded with pledges to reach ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions. While these promises are ambitious, they are often followed up with little details and rely on problematic schemes that may exaggerate mitigation potential. This session unpacked the usefulness of a ‘net zero’ framing for food systems by diving into national, municipal, and corporate pledges to tackle climate change and the framings needed to move towards meaningful actions for food systems sustainability.

At the Food4Climate Pavilion, and in partnership with IATP.

Watch the recording here

Feeding the city for healthy people, landscapes, and climate | Nov 12 

Feeding the city 13_edited.jpg

Food systems account for up to 37% of global GHG emissions and more than 70% of the world’s food is consumed in urban areas. City leaders play a key role to play in finding locally relevant solutions to growing social, economic and environmental challenges. The speakers explored the role of cities in driving food systems transformation in a multi-level governance context.

At the LGMA Pavilion, and in partnership with ICLEI EU, ICLEI Latin America, and ICLEI Africa.

Watch the recording here

From Local to Global Governance: Aligning action for sustainable food system transformation | Nov 12 


It will be impossible to achieve the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement without a rapid transformation toward sustainable and resilient food systems. Achieving a just transition for sustainable food systems requires collaboration across all levels of government. This session explored issues of multi-level governance of food systems, providing examples and mechanisms available for effective action at different levels, and the challenges of policy integration.

At the Food4Climate Pavilion, and in partnership with ICLEI EU, 50by40, and Humane Society International.

Watch the event recording here

ROAD TO COP27 2022

DC Addressing Climate Change by Improving its Food System: Meeting the Goals of the Glasgow Food & Climate Declaration - August

DC FPC.png

A new policy brief by the Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness, in collaboration with the DC Food Policy Council outlines the District of Columbia's leadership integrating the goals of the Glasgow Declaration, along with recommended targets for future work. Amongst its work to tackle issues like waste and access to sustainable and healthy food, DC has had to reckon with the structures of racism and discrimination by which Black communities and low-income residents are disproportionately disadvantaged. 

Access the brief here to read more about DC's ongoing efforts, and four key areas for further action!

Brugge Food Winners - July


In the context of 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions stemming from food waste, Bruges 'Food Winners' program set out to support its residents in cutting their rates of food waste. A 2021 campaign saw 512 families reduce their waste by 67%. 
In 2022, 4809 participants overshot the 30% target to reach an average 55% reduction in household food waste, representing annual savings of 44,400 kg of food, 186,036€ and 142,080kg CO2e. 


Read more here, and hear from the ambassadors here!


Official Presentation of the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration at COP26 | 6 November 

Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 09.27.55.png

100 local governments from across six continents united to present the Glasgow Food & Climate Declaration at the Glasgow City
Chambers in the framework of COP26.  The event included a high-level panel discussion moderated by Ms. Hilal Elver, former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food and
representative of the City of Istanbul, and included closing statements by Cllr Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council and Shona Robinson, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government.

Watch a full recording of the event here

Policy Coherence, Climate Finance Mobilization and Collaborative Action for a Food Systems Transform at the EU Pavilion at COP26 | 8 November


This event, co-organized with Food System Economics Commission (FSEC), 100 Million Farmers, and the Cooperative Partnership for Climate-Smart Food and Forestry was a lively discussion on the diverging pathways forward for food system transformation. The event was an opportunity for speakers working across the food systems to highlight the importance of working across levels of governance to incorporate food systems into renewed commitments for climate action. 

Watch a recording of the session here

The Glasgow Declaration: A Dialogue in the Multilevel Action Pavilion at COP26 | 3 November


Hosted by IPES-Food, Nourish Scotland, ICLEI, and the Government of Scotland, the event explored the levers available at different levels of governance to take action on sustainable food. The discussion highlighted examples of effective actions and the challenges of policy integration. Speakers included representatives from the Scottish government, the EU ​​Economic and Social Committee, the municipality of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the City of New Haven, and the Canadian National Farmers Union. 

Watch a recording of the session here


‘METRICS MATTERS’ side event at the MUFPP Global Forum in Barcelona - 19 October


An increasing number of local governments around the world are adopting ambitious food policies to tackle a multitude of issues including the climate crisis, however, the impact of their efforts are often difficult to quantify. This MUFPP Global Forum 2021 side event brought together city representatives and experts to discuss their experiences, successes, and challenges in developing and using appropriate metrics and indicators for measuring the climate, biodiversity, health, and resilience impacts of their food policies.

Read the summary report here
Watch a recording of the session here

URBACT & A Coruña: From Farm to City - 14 May 


“From Farm to City” is a conference on the URBACT and the Integrated Sustainable Urban Development programmes and their specific links with urban food policies, the Milan Pact and the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration. The event was held in Spanish and English with simultaneous interpretation.

Learn more here
Watch a recording (only in Spanish) here


FOOD TALK WITH DANI NIERENBERG: On transforming the food system through local movements


On 1 April 2021, Pete Ritchie and Chantal Clément joined Dani Nierenberg at Food Tank live to talk about the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration, the incredible work of the Declaration signatories and why food and sub-national governments need to be at the table at COP26!

Listen to the podcast episode here

Launch of the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration 14 December, 2020

Launch front page

On 14 December, IPES-Food and Nourish Scotland where joined by cities and governments from five continents, and more than 250 people from across the world, for the virtual launch of the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration - less than one year before COP26. 

Read the summary report here

Read highlights from the webinar chat here

Watch the recording here

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