URBACT & A Coruña: From Farm to City - 14 May 


“From Farm to City” is a conference on the URBACT and the Integrated Sustainable Urban Development programmes and their specific links with urban food policies, the Milan Pact and the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration. The event will be in Spanish and English with simultaneous interpretation.

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FOOD TALK WITH DANI NIERENBERG: On transforming the food system through local movements


On 1 April 2021, Pete Ritchie and Chantal Clément joined Dani Nierenberg at Food Tank live to talk about the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration, the incredible work of the Declaration signatories and why food and sub-national governments need to be at the table at COP26!

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COP26 is already happening!


Launch of the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration 14th December 

On 14 December, IPES-Food and Nourish Scotland where joined by cities and governments from five continents, and more than 250 people from across the world, for the virtual launch of the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration - less than one year before COP26. 

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Cities are already turning concepts such as food democracy and food sovereignty into practice, and this experience should inspire national governments ahead of international climate negotiations at COP26 in November 2021. On 23 March we joined Moauns-Sartoux, URBACT Bio-canteens and the growing movement of European cities engaged for food democracy and sovereignty.

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